While I am enjoying the quiet of the summer,  I am starting to gear up for back to school as many are around the country. I love back to school, the start of a new year, new supplies, new clothes, new teachers – oh so exciting! But I dread the predictable fights, whining about “I want more screen time.” Do any of you? So, I did a poll (the advantages of working at CivicScience). Since my older son got a smartphone,  we are in a constant battle with our kids over screen time. The ultimate threat in our house is losing your phone. As you can see below, we are not alone:

He rushes through his homework in order to earn more screen time, even claims to be using his phone for homework – even though we can see what he is doing. Though not as overwhelming a response, it was good to see we are not alone here either.

My newest power is an app that allows me to control his apps remotely – it can be really fun but needless to say, not very popular.

Breaking this down by gender, women are far more actively checking in on their kids by using tracking software.

Our children are part of the first generation to grow up with a screen in their hand, even babies under a year know how to swipe. I guess we will have to wait a few decades to see the long-term implications.

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