CivicScience tracking data on coffee consumption among U.S. adults reveals a slight year-over-year increase.

The number of people brewing coffee at home, as well as the method they use, hasn’t changed much since July 2020. 

Over the last several months, consumer favorability for major coffee chains has somewhat declined, the greatest decline being among Starbucks whose favorability dropped from a quarterly percentage of 34% a year ago to 31% today.

Dialing into frequency and method of brewing, 61% of Starbucks fans say they drink coffee every day without fail, but 61% is actually the smallest of the percentages of daily coffee drinkers among favorables of major coffee chains. For example, 70% of Peet’s Coffee and Tea fans drink coffee consistently every day.

And when it comes to how you make your cup of joe, fans of Starbucks and Peet’s are more likely than fans of other coffee chains to say they brew by pour-over or french press. People who like Dunkin’ have the highest percentage of K-cup or single-serve pod users.

Starbucks fans are the most inclined to say the effects of the pandemic will last for quite some time longer so it’s possible that the Starbucks customer base is sticking to their at-home brew methods more than going out for coffee.

Lastly, Starbucks fans dislike UberEats (the one delivery method for Starbucks coffee) just as much as they like it (11%), but their intent to try it is higher than the fan bases of other coffee chains.