Among people who plan to do holiday shopping this year, 12% have already started. The holidays aren’t necessarily around the corner, but there’s a chance that three out of every 25 people have been making their lists and checking them twice.

A contributing factor includes the fact that July is sometimes seen as a pregame for the actual season that begins in November. Christmas in July, a holiday concept that 13% of U.S. adults have never heard of and 67% say they never actually celebrate (per a CivicScience poll of 3,400), is usually associated with retail sales that give the first hints of the mass consumerism that is to come. 

In a CivicScience survey of 3,500 consumers, 7% say they have already shopped during a Christmas in July sale this month, while 11% say they plan to do so soon. Together we see that these seasonal summer sales appeal to almost 20% of U.S. adults.

Contrary to a 2019 CivicScience survey, Gen Zers (those under 25) are the most likely to have already started their holiday shopping this year. They are also the most likely to say they have already shopped during a Christmas in July sale. 

Social media plays an enormous role in the lives of young people, particularly through influencer advertising. The apparent number of TikTok users who say they’ve already done Christmas in July sale shopping is extreme compared to users of other social platforms.

July is barely half-way through, and considering the amount of intent to shop during sales soon, nothing is more indicative of post-pandemic wealth than early-bird holiday shoppers who are rearing to get out and about.