Upon searching its syndicated library of surveys related to the auto world, CivicScience discovered some insights about a very specific segment of the population: Hispanics Who Drive American (Cars). Forty percent of Hispanic adults primarily drive American-made vehicles (compared to 51% of non-Hispanic adults).

Hispanic Adults Who Drive American are also more likely than Hispanic Adults at large to have close ties to the military.

Hispanic Adults under-index in environmental concern. Though 85% of U.S. Hispanic Adults overall express some level of environmental concern, when looking at Hispanic Adults Who Drive American, nearly a quarter (24%) say they are “not at all concerned” about climate change and the environment.

It’s electric (or not). It’s interesting to note that while over 21% of U.S. Hispanic Adults surveyed over the last 6 months intend on buying an electric vehicle, this number isn’t largely that distinctive from that of U.S. adults overall at around 19%, despite the higher index for environmental concern

Car commercials make an impact. Another differentiator for the segment of Hispanic Adults Who Drive American is that they are much more likely than the general population of adults (55% to 42%) to be most influenced by the ads they see on TV.

And lastly, Hispanic Adults Who Drive American give more dough to religious charities than U.S. adults and U.S. Hispanic Adults in general. Who knew?