For the first time since February, the percentage of people who think now is a good time for major purchases like home improvements surpassed the percentage of those who think it’s a bad time. Coming out of the lockdowns related to the coronavirus pandemic, this is a shift in sentiment that has slowly crept back up. For home improvement retailers, brands, contractors, and the like, this is promising news.

What’s more is according to a June poll, 38% of U.S. households are planning to make a major home improvement in the next 6 months. This has risen slightly since April, when CivicScience last pulsed the survey out. All signs appear to point to go for the home improvement industry.

When looking at DIY vs. hiring someone to do the work, 41% of those with plans say they will do it themselves. There is a strong percentage of people who will do a combo of DIY and professional renovation (33%).

In general, Home Depot may see slightly more foot traffic from home renovators in its stores. According to CivicScience comfort returning to store data, Lowe’s shoppers are slightly less likely to say they’re comfortable with shopping in stores now / in the next 2-3 weeks than Home Depot shoppers are.

Home improvement season is in full swing, and it’s clear that even more Americans are opting to make them right now amid the pandemic.

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