CivicScience data show that while the majority of parents of 5- to 11-year-olds are not planning to vaccinate their children against COVID as of early November, nearly 40% do plan to schedule the shot for their younger kids if they haven’t already.

To determine which industries can expect an uptick in activity once parents who choose to vaccinate their young children have done so, CivicScience conducted another survey on the topic on comfort levels. 

Parents with kids in this age bracket are the most likely to indicate they will visit with more family and friends once their children have received the vaccine than any other activity for which they were polled. A close second is the category of in-store shopping. Forty-two percent of parents surveyed say they are very likely to shop in-store more often once their child has received the vaccine.

Activities like going on a trip or dining out more often have slightly less comfort among parents polled. Data indicate parents are the least comfortable with attending large events after their kids are vaccinated. 

Drilling down into the food and travel categories, we observe that those most likely to up their dining out frequency are more likely to frequent quick-serve and fast casual restaurants than their counterparts. These chains can likely anticipate an increase in families coming in.

In terms of travel, it appears that vaccination of younger children is driving people to travel for the upcoming holidays. Airlines will likely see an increase in families with children in this age range boarding flights.

Ultimately though, it’s worth mentioning that many of the parents surveyed who do plan to vaccinate their younger children are still not likely to increase these activities. As CivicScience continues to monitor these surveys, especially as Omicron tops the headlines, any sweeping changes in comfort among parents will be reported.