The CivicScience Consumer Financial Health Index (CFHI) is the largest, most accurate, and most predictive measure of how consumers are responding to economic conditions and events in real-time, enabling you to reliably anticipate spending patterns by category, demographic, and even brand.

While many assume that there are no significant differences between customers of one fast food establishment to the next, we disagree, and so does our data. This month we looked at the CFHI among popular quick service restaurant patrons. While they were on par with one another and higher than the national average in November, we observed stark differences among the brands throughout the year. 

Throughout 2022, McDonald’s diners, on average, have felt the most positive about their financial situation. Arby’s diners, on the other hand, has been the most tumultuous. Considering Arby’s diners’ level of concern with student debt (data below), it is not surprising to see such a significant increase in November with the suspension of federal student loan payments being extended again. 

However, this month showed an uptick among all, indicating that consumers are currently feeling more optimistic about the future of their finances.  With the holidays fast approaching, this could be good news for many brands.

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