You’ve probably heard the kids are on TikTok. And, CivicScience data revealed this week that, in less than two months, TikTok’s user base has increased by 44% among the general population.

Among Americans under 35, the numbers are even more dramatic. Since January, the number of TikTok users in the under 35 group jumped from 19% to nearly a third (a 42% increase). 

Let’s get more current. When comparing this to coronavirus concern, TikTok users over-index in being ‘very concerned’ about COVID-19. This is particularly interesting because older Americans are more concerned about it overall, according to CivicScience coronavirus research at large. Maybe TikTok users are talking about it more than other young people.

Another revelation: there’s a correlation involving the upcoming presidential election. TikTok users are nearly twice as likely to be unsure about who they will vote for in the upcoming election. While Tiktok does not allow political advertising on the platform, perhaps candidates can work with Tiktok stars to sway undecided voters.

At large, though, could this mean that younger people are just less politically active?

CivicScience will report on TikTok usage numbers monthly, so please stay tuned.