It’s laundry day. Everybody’s somewhat regularly occurring time to gather up their dirty clothes, linens, and towels, to spend hours washing, drying, and folding, hoping that they can get away without having to go out in “laundry day” clothes. 

And while it’s a necessary task, it’s no real surprise that 71% of the Gen Pop doesn’t enjoy laundry day. 

Despite this general dislike of the actual activity of doing laundry, it turns out that most washing and drying machines are doing a great job, with 92% of the general population reporting being at least somewhat satisfied with the machines they have. 

All of this is even more remarkable, however, considering that nearly half of the general population bought their current washer / dryer at least five or more years ago. 

Parents are most likely to have more recently bought new machines, while half of grandparents surveyed have had their machines for more than five years. Those without kids are significantly more likely than others to have never bought a new machine for themselves. 

When it comes to actual machines, it turns out two companies dominate nearly half of the market. 

Maytag and Whirlpool account for 48% of people’s preferred washer/dryer brand. And this preference is more prominent among grandparents and those households who earn under $100K annually.

Interestingly, Samsung and LG brand machines have more visibility among the highest earning households.

And brand loyalty doesn’t just run across what machines consumers buy – people are also very decided about their laundry detergents as well. 

Among major brands studied, Tide laundry detergent is far and away the leading consumer choice, followed by Gain and Arm & Hammer. 

And speaking of laundry detergent, most people go for liquid-style detergent over any other kind.

Of the detergents people buy, stain remover is the leading quality they are looking for.

During the pandemic, 13% of the population indicated they were more likely to buy detergents offering more powerful disinfectants or sanitizers, making it tied for the second-most important detergent capability.

Regardless of what detergents they buy, many consumers are adding something extra to a load of laundry.

More than one-third (36%) of people toss in a fabric softener with their wash, while nearly one-quarter (23%) add an extra stain remover. Notably, use of home remedies, such as adding lemons, baking soda, or vinegar all remain in single digits. 

Lastly, many people (54%) also state that the eco-consciousness of their laundry detergent brand is at least somewhat important to them.

Although CivicScience data has indicated a general reprioritization of eco-friendly buying, this is a trend to watch.

Check back in the coming weeks for CivicScience’s report on clothes drying and what people decide to do once they have a drum full of wet clothes.