We spent a lot of time in 2015 collecting, analyzing, and reporting on U.S. consumer tastes relative to buying and consuming food and beverage products. We got a great response to these insights from the market, so we have decided to package up many of these findings in a new eBook just published today.

The eBook is free to download for anyone interested in this consumer intel, which spans topics including:

  • Clean eating/organics, GMO’s, artificial ingredients, and more
  • Grocery product loyalty and experimentation
  • Snacking frequency and preferences
  • Sentiment about Chipotle and Whole Foods
  • Market maven tastes
  • C-store food consumption
  • and more

We found some pretty fascinating things…

If you look at social media chatter and online published content, you’d think that we are all buying organic, non-GMO, locally grown, free range products – and that we’re shrinking our meal sizes in favor of more frequent, healthy snacking. (Or if we’re not doing those things, we will be very soon or risk being social pariahs.) Not to mention, you’d predict that Chipotle and Panera will be taking over the world, McDonald’s will be shuttering every store in about two years, and unsold boxes of sugary cereals will be filling dumps instead of tummies.

The reality is that today’s consumption preferences may indeed be changing, but not necessarily at a rapid speed or among the headline-making consumer segments that we’re led to believe. Millennials overall care far less about healthy eating than do older adults. Price is still the big factor when purchasing food – along with deep product loyalty. There are reasons why Whole Foods is struggling, and Burger King (helped by its new Chicken Fries) is rebounding.

In this eBook, we compile a number of interesting findings excerpted from an extensive series of Food & beverage industry reports we published from January through July 2015, using our “always on” collection of poll responses to questions in our core consumer insights library. Hundreds of thousands of respondents are represented here.

We hope you enjoy the eBook – download and share your copy today.