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Ongoing CivicScience tracking shows that roughly 15% of U.S. adults are currently using a GLP-1 medication for weight loss or are considering using one. This percentage has stayed steady since last month, while awareness of Ozempic and other GLP-1 prescription medications for weight-loss purposes has grown. 

As these medications continue to gain momentum, industries can anticipate rapid shifts among this population of consumers. CivicScience data indicate people who use Ozempic or other GLP-1 medications consistently report changes in common behaviors, including meals and snack consumption, grocery shopping, dining out, exercising, and more. Here’s a look at three key ways these behaviors have recently changed for GLP-1 users:

1. Changes to Dining Habits

More than 60% of current users have changed their dining habits since taking a GLP-1 medication. The most significant change to dining habits among GLP-1 users is that they report eating smaller portion sizes since beginning their medication, which is likely a direct result of the medication acting to suppress appetite. In addition, 27% report they are choosing to eat healthier foods – and 38% have increased their intake of fruits and vegetables – suggesting users feel more motivated to make healthier dietary choices. They are also dining out and ordering takeout less often, and snacking less at night.

That said, GLP-1 users report snacking more in between meals than Americans who share a similar demographic distribution (by age and gender) but are not using GL-1 medications. It’s likely that GLP-1 users snacked more between meals prior to starting a GLP-1, but the medication could also be contributing to reducing appetite for large meals in lieu of smaller and more frequent snacking throughout the day. 

Daily sweet snacks, such as cookies and chocolate, are more popular than salty snacks or healthier options, such as fruit and nuts. (Get the details in this month’s Ozempic and GLP-1 Consumer Tracker.)

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2. Changes to the Grocery and Restaurant Industries

Changes to appetite and diet related to GLP-1 use are being reflected in retail. Fifty-seven percent of current users report changing their grocery shopping habits since taking the medication, including purchasing fewer groceries or shopping at a different grocery store.

They are also showing up in the restaurant industry. As previously mentioned, GLP-1 users report dining out less frequently, corresponding with an increase in users who are cooking dinner at home. When they dine out, they are increasingly opting for fast-casual restaurants, such as Panera Bread. Reported patronage of fast-food, casual, and upscale restaurants all declined among GLP-1 users in March/April from the previous reporting period in Feb/March.

3. General Lifestyle Changes

The GLP-1 Tracker follows GLP-1 users across several different lifestyle behaviors, such as exercise habits, alcohol and cannabis usage, supplement usage, and changes to well-being and mood. A look at gym attendance shows it is down for the second month in a row among GLP-1 users, after reaching a high of 64% in late January. It’s since fallen 13 percentage points, possibly related to a drop-off in sticking with New Year’s resolutions, yet gyms should continue to look for a shift in fitness priorities related to GLP-1 use. A slight majority of current users are still exercising at a gym at least once per month.

The usage of GLP-1 medications is clearly bringing about many changes for medication users and industries, and it’s likely just getting started as the market for these medications is evolving and weight-loss companies such as WeightWatchers are increasing the ease of access to a prescription. Gain access to in-depth insights and stay ahead of the curve with the monthly CivicScience Ozempic and GLP-1 Consumer Tracker. Get started with a free preview.

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