The Gist: In previous research, we found that video streaming services are neck-and-neck when it comes to winning over parents/guardians. Netflix led by a few percentage points, but with Disney’s latest announcement to pull its movies from the service, will Netflix lose its lead?

About one month ago, we published an article about video streaming services and parents. The research was in response to a Quartz article entitled, “The real fight in the TV streaming wars is not over you. It’s over your kids.”

What we found is that people with school-aged children living with them are more likely to use Netflix (30%) over Hulu (29%) or Amazon Prime Video (28%). With the numbers so close, our conclusion was simple – it’s anyone’s game when it comes to winning over parents. These services know this, presumably, as many are spending massive amounts on programming for children, catered to the parents who pay.

July CivicScience research shows that 30% of parents living with school-aged children are Netflix users.

So, with the previous numbers so close among video streaming services, how will Disney’s decision to remove its movies from Netflix affect parents, and specifically those living with school-aged children?

Of course, we can’t predict how the results will play out, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to wonder if Netflix will lose its lead when Moana becomes Noana…Too cheesy?