While Peloton’s treadmills aren’t as strikingly sleek as its signature spin bikes, the running machines have garnered much attention this week after a major recall of both the Tread and Tread+ models.

To understand how this recall has impacted consumer perception of the Peloton brand, specifically among parents, CivicScience polled more than 2,000 U.S. adults. Among those who had heard of the brand, 56% reported that the recall does not change how they feel about Peloton overall. However, 23% of respondents did indicate they were less favorable or interested in Peloton as a result.

Surprisingly, parents were no more likely than non-parents to become less favorable as a result of the recall despite the Tread+’s tragic accident involving a child.

As Peloton’s stock cycles up and down the ticker, people are wondering what the end result will be.

What we know about Peloton favorables is that they are part of a niche but loyal group. According to CivicScience surveying, Peloton’s primary consumer base of very young and very wealthy Americans isn’t quick to disown the brand as a result of the recall. Although, it’s worth noting the youngest demographic is the most unsure or conflicted over the news.

In general, it’s the smaller consumer base of Americans over 35 who are more inconstant. But they were less likely to actually own Peloton equipment in the first place. You can’t love what you don’t know.

While the recall is likely a mere blip on the radar of Peloton’s brand reputation, it’s hard to say if the rebooted treadmills will be as popular as the originals. 

One thing is certain: people awaiting the arrival of the Peloton bike they ordered months ago, might also be waiting on their Tesla. And if Elon Musk shifted from cryptocurrencies and cars to exercise equipment, it could be a wildly successful business venture.