As A Writer I Hate To Write This, but a Robot Wrote This

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The Gist: Creative writing is considered one of the professions most immune to automation, but it’s not fully free from concern. Our market intelligence system, in fact, can generate a natural language summary that is pretty impressive.

As the world moves toward automation and more jobs are filled by inorganic intelligence, some are beginning to worry. With that in mind, one of the safest professions is considered that of a writer – something that’s nearly impossible for a robot to replicate. In fact, a viral tool designed to calculate the risk of your job being taken over by robots found that writing roles are safer than 85.4% of jobs.

However, we have some news – which I will try to communicate in the least salesman-like way possible.

Not only does our system automatically calculate insights and correlations with the click of a button, but it also can do so in a Natural Language Summary. So, in theory, you could analyze thousands of data points and never look at a single graph.

To give you an idea of what it looks like, check out this example:

How Concerned Are You About Robots / Artificial Intelligence Replacing Your Job?
June 8, 2017

“The question, “How concerned are you about robots / artificial intelligence replacing your job?” was answered by 1,559 people from June 7, 2017 to June 8, 2017. Results are weighted according to U.S. Census figures for gender and age, 18 and older, and they are analyzed per answer choice. Not at all concerned is the most popular answer choice with 74% of the responses. The least popular answer choice with 11% of the responses is Very concerned. The margin of error is 3%.

Not at all concerned is the most popular answer choice, receiving 74% of the responses to the question, “How concerned are you about robots / artificial intelligence replacing your job?” People answering Not at all concerned are less likely to follow music trends, to live with their parents, or to earn under $50K per year. Likewise, respondents answering Not at all concerned are less than half as likely to actively use Snapchat.

Very concerned is the least popular answer choice with 11% of the responses. Respondents answering Very concerned are more likely to live with their parents and to be unemployed.

The answer choice Somewhat concerned received 15% of the responses. People who earn $100K+ per year are less likely to answer Somewhat concerned, whereas people who earn under $50K per year are more likely to answer Somewhat concerned. 55+ year olds and people who live in a rural area are less likely to answer Somewhat concerned.”

Is the writing perfect? No – at least not yet. As a writer, however, I sort of prefer it that way…

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