All of the data mining in the world couldn’t have predicted the spectacle that was Super Bowl XLVII. A game that looked like a blowout, then saw an electrical blowout, then turned into a nail-biting affair even for casual fans, has likely made one final blow to productivity in the American workforce today.

We decided to stay out of the “ad meter” game, letting everyone else argue over which commercial ruled the day. Instead, we ran a few different post-game questions through our system:

Who ACTUALLY Watched? 

According to our pre-game research, 32% of US consumers claimed that they were “not at all likely” to watch the game. Then, the rating numbers said it was, in fact, the most watched Super Bowl ever. So, we went back and asked whether people actually DID watch the game. Here’s what they told us:

A full 79% of Americans over age 13 admitted to watching at least some of the game, including 85% of men. 59% of people watched most if not all of the game (34-minute blackout delay and all).

Looking at these numbers another way, roughly 1/3rd of people who said they would NOT watch, actually ended up watching anyway. Given that it was the most watched Super Bowl ever, perhaps they simply couldn’t avoid it.

What about the sideshows?

Aside from the game and the commercials, every Super Bowl is evaluated on two main events: The National Anthem and the Halftime Show. So we asked a nationally-representative group of consumers to weigh in.

First, Alicia Keys and the National Anthem:

 Here we see that a full 40% of respondents didn’t watch Keys’ anthem performance. Throw out the 20% who didn’t watch the game at all and we can conclude that 1 in 4 people who watched the game did NOT watch the anthem.

But how was the performance reviewed by those who watched it?

-53% of viewers had a positive reaction; 30% were very positive

-27% had a negative reaction; 12% were very negative

-20% were not moved one way or another

Overall it look like a decent result for Alicia Keys and CBS. And, what about Beyonce’s big half-time concert, complete with a Destiny’s Child reunion?

Again, it looks like 28% of respondents did not watch the half-time show, which means about 10% of people who watched the game did NOT watch Beyonce and crew. And how did people feel about it?

-48% of viewers had a positive reaction; 28% were very positive

-35% of viewers had a negative reaction; 18% were very negative

-18% of viewers had no strong opinion either way.

So it looks like Beyonce’s show was viewed less positively and was more polarizing then Keys’ anthem in general. Perhaps people are just more forgiving when it comes to the Star Spangled Banner, while holding “Bootylicious” to loftier standards.