Last week, CivicScience data revealed broad support among Americans for companies to suspend selling products and/or offering services in Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine. The data show that more than 80% of adults at least somewhat agree that brands should do this. 

Ongoing CivicScience tracking bolsters this sentiment. The monthly percentage of people who say a company’s social consciousness is important to them has been relatively flat over the past eight months or so, but is up three points in March so far, marking the first time in the last year the figure has been this high (77%).

To further examine consumer response to the ongoing crisis at a more granular level, CivicScience launched a survey to determine how Netflix users feel about the streaming giant’s decision over the weekend to stop providing streaming services in Russia. 

The results are strongly in support of the company’s decision to protest the war. Roughly 80% of Netflix users agree with the decision, and the remainder of respondents are overwhelmingly neutral about the move. Only 8% of Netflix users surveyed say they disagree with the decision.

This shows that brands who make similar moves could see similar support from their customer base and it may bode well for their bottom line.

Worth noting: Upon cross-tabulating the overall sentiment survey with an ongoing poll in the CivicScience database, it appears that those who disagree with Netflix’s decision are slightly more likely to be more price sensitive than those who agree with the decision. 

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