Taylor Swift is on a temporary hiatus from her massively successful ‘Eras Tour,’ as it shifts to an international slate of shows. This hasn’t stopped her from visiting NFL stadiums as a spectator for her rumored boyfriend Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce over the past two weeks. Her appearances have caused a frenzy and  is something the NFL has leaned into – to the chagrin of some “Swifties.”  Her presence spiked ticket prices ahead of the Chiefs-Jets game last Sunday and has proven to be a ratings boon for the league as well.

How much interest do Americans really have in the rumored Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce relationship?  According to the latest CivicScience data, more than a quarter (27%) of U.S. respondents aged 13+ say they’re following news on the pair at least ‘somewhat’ closely, 7% report following it ‘very’ closely.  Examining the level of interest in the supposed relationship by NFL fandom, 17% of those who do not follow the NFL at all say they’re following Kelce-Swift news in some form, compared to 38% of NFL fans.

Since Taylor Swift’s initial appearance on September 24th, there has been a notable shift in NFL engagement. While the overall percentage of those with at least a slight interest in the league has edged up by just one point to 57%, Swift’s core demographics, Gen Z and women aged 13-44, have displayed noteworthy increases. Gen Z’s engagement has risen from 54% to 58% in two weeks, while women under 45 have shown a three-point boost, going from 50% to 53% in the same period.

Any future appearances she does decide to make could greatly impact viewer habits, for better or for worse. Roughly one-quarter of Gen Pop aged 13+ say they’re less likely to watch when she’s there, compared to 9% who say they’re more likely to do so. Gen Z are the most likely to be swayed to tune in with Taylor Swift at a game (21%) by more than double any other age group. 

Three Additional Insights About Adult Consumers More Likely to Watch a Taylor Swift Attended NFL Game:

  • Twenty-four percent of those more likely to tune in with Swift in attendance report they’re watching six or more hours of TV a week compared to just 8% among those less likely to watch. 
  • Those keen on seeing Taylor at a game are also more likely to say they’ll shop for most holiday gifts at specialty or chain stores like Gap or Best Buy. Those less likely to watch meanwhile lean toward discount stores like Walmart or Target.
  • When it comes to grocery delivery services, consumers looking to see Taylor at a game are 12 points more likely to utilize a grocery retailer’s own service (like Walmart or Whole Foods) – 44% compared to 32% of those less interested.

Regardless of how the relationship with Kelce plays out, it’s clear Taylor Swift continues to have a substantial impact on consumers that cannot be ignored. Swift’s time to attend games may soon be limited, however as her tour resumes next month.

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