Consumer behavior does not exist in a silo. Their decisions are impacted by forces outside the narrow purview of any industry or brand. So how do brands better understand their current and potential customers to ensure they make the right business decisions? In essence, they need consumer-centric information that is trustworthy, timely, and relevant. This is why we partnered with some of our best clients to create The CivicScience 360 Report.

The 360 Report scans the CivicScience database of thousands of always-on questions. It discovers key insights for your brand by comparing them to competitive and consumer segments, identifying differences and similarities, and alerting you to shifts in categories like financial outlook, media consumption, and health and wellness. So you never miss an opportunity or threat.

We ran The 360 Report for Pepsi and Coca-Cola to provide a flavor for this product. We uncovered significant insights in three of the verticals this report offers for these popular beverage brands.

Financial Outlook

Consumers favorable to Pepsi are more concerned about finances than the average U.S. adult. Their concern for inflation is significantly greater, which increased from the prior month. They are also more price sensitive and more likely to say they are being cautious about spending.

Coca-Cola’s favorable consumers align with the national average, and while they skew lower on the CivicScience Consumer Financial Health Index, it’s not by much.

Across the U.S. demographic segments of the general population, young and high-earning consumers feel the most financially optimistic. In contrast, older and lower-earning cohorts show the most profound concern for their financial situations.

The Pepsi / Coca-Cola 360 Report

Financial Outlook – October 2022

Media Consumption

Both Pepsi and Coca-Cola favorables are heavy media consumers, although Pepsi favorables skew higher on traditional media, particularly newspaper and cable TV. Both prefer to watch TV live rather than stream. The opposite is true for the average U.S. adult. These consumers’ media habits look similar to those of adults aged 55+.

Pepsi favorables are less likely to listen to audio via apps like Spotify, although their usage did increase from the prior month.

A little over half of both target audiences have cut the cord on traditional cable and satellite TV, which is on par with the national average, but much lower than young (18-34) and lower-earning (HHI <$50K) consumers.

Health & Wellness

Pepsi’s favorable consumers are more health-conscious than Coca-Cola’s consumers. They are highly likely to read nutritional information when buying food, and most take daily vitamins. They say health and fitness activities are important, but they are less likely to follow health and fitness trends. Contrastingly, Coca-Cola’s favorable adults are more likely to be smokers, infrequent exercisers, and less likely to eat healthily.

Regarding their emotional well-being, Pepsi’s favorable adults skew higher on the well-being index than the average U.S. consumer and Coca-Cola’s favorable adults.  While Coca-Cola’s favorable adults are on par with the average U.S. adult regarding positive emotions, they are currently experiencing more fear, sadness, and stress.

The Pepsi / Coca-Cola 360 Report

Health & Wellness – October 2022

About the 360 Report

In the time it takes to read this, your customer and the world around them will change. 

Only CivicScience paints an always-on, ever-evolving, 360-degree picture of your current and potential customer – making sure you never miss an opportunity or risk. 

Enter the 360 Report, a premiere product offering for CivicScience clients. The report:

  • ​​Delivers a complete and timely view of trends and shifts in consumer attitudes, lifestyle, and intent.
  • Predicts consumer behavior and powers more forward-looking strategies and marketing investments, maximizing growth and profitability. 
  • Provides invaluable, timely knowledge to accelerate decision-making and give you a unique competitive edge.
  • Alerts you to trends and changes as they happen, ensuring you never miss an opportunity or threat.

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