CivicScience studies the attitudes, behaviors, and profile characteristics of more than 30,000 acculturated and unacculturated Hispanic-American Netflix users every day. Overall, 68% of Hispanics use Netflix, compared to 62% of the U.S. population at large. Forty-five percent of Hispanic adults watch content on the platform at least a few times a week (“Power Users”) compared to 40% of the general U.S. adult population. 

Clearly, not only are Hispanic Americans more likely to be Netflix users, but they’re also watching the platform at a much higher rate than their non-Hispanic peers.

Here are a few key trends we’re seeing among Hispanic Netflix Power Users (“HNPUs”):

HNPUs are basically a marketer’s dream. Hispanic Netflix Power Users are much more likely to be female – 57% are women. Over half are under the age of 35. They’re more educated than the U.S. Hispanic population at large and more likely than other Hispanics to make over $100k in household income. Meanwhile, 51% of HNPUs are parents, compared to just 37% of the total U.S. general population. In other words, they’re watching Netflix, a lot, with their kids. 

But it’s not just demographics – they’re super-consumers. The Hispanic Netflix Power User is the quintessential market maven. She tries new products and media before not only her Hispanic peers, but the entire U.S. population. Perhaps more importantly, she broadcasts her opinions about those products to her friends and family. Social media has enormous influence over her purchase and media decisions – at a rate over 40% higher than the average U.S. consumer. Snapchat is her go-to platform, but she over-indexes on Twitter too.

They’re way more likely than non-Hispanic Netflix users to have multiple types of streaming devices in their households. Of the main devices, the Amazon Firestick is tied for the most popular, with 27% of HNPUs saying they own one – a rate nearly 30% higher than Firestick ownership among non-Hispanic Netflix Users. Otherwise, HNPUs own other devices at a rate very similar to that of the U.S. GenPop, with 27% owning a Roku, 16% owning a Google Chromecast, 12% owning an Apple TV and 18% owning something else.

They love a good horror flick. On an absolute basis, HNPUs choose action films as their favorite genre, however, they significantly under-index in that regard, compared to more casual Hispanic Netflix viewers, Hispanic non-viewers, and non-Hispanics. At the other end of the spectrum, HNPUs significantly OVER-index as horror fans – choosing scary films almost 50% more commonly than casual Hispanic viewers or non-viewers. 

When they’re not watching Netflix, they’re probably cooking. You don’t need CivicScience data to tell you that food is an important part of U.S. Hispanic culture, with both acculturated and unacculturated Hispanics valuing food and cooking at a rate much higher than average non-Hispanics. But that attribute jumps off the charts with HNPUs. They value food, cooking, and trying new foods significantly more than their typical Hispanic peers.

 Who knew?