Our first eBook: “101 Cool Consumer Insights” was so popular, we decided to publish a second eBook focused on media consumption.

The eBook is free to anyone who is interested in learning fun and interesting media consumption insights. In the eBook, readers will learn valuable insights on consumer sentiment, behaviors, and psychographic profiles across a range of media consumption-related topics, including: second-screen devices; social media; advertising influence; reading; TV viewing; movie-going; screen time; selfies; and more.

Some example insights from the latest eBook include:

  • 43% of consumers say they never unplug, with higher rates among those aged 18-24 and also among those who report they are “very unhappy.”
  • When it comes to second-screen device usage when watching TV, those aged 13-24 are more likely to be engaged with the TV show on social media than older respondents, but across all ages of respondents, only 2.4% are engaged with that TV show’s apps, games, or web content.
  • Regular movie-goers are 53% more likely than less-frequent movie patrons to say their friends and contacts on social media influence the movies and television shows they watch.
  • People who are most influenced by ads on the Internet vs. TV ads are 93% more likely to speak two or more languages fluently.

Our always-on polling network and platform allows us to monitor trends in real-time and keep up with the ever-changing landscape of consumer tastes, technology innovation and outside influences on media interaction behaviors. All insights presented in this eBook were collected right up until press time.

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