For yet another consecutive week, CivicScience data shows consumers continue to be less concerned about being in public spaces right now.

With continued waning concern about going into public, comfort returning to normal activities continues to increase, with major public events seeing the highest increase since last week (50%, +3pp).

Plans to dine in at a restaurant have slightly declined since last week, likely due to Valentine’s Day, but remain higher than what we observed back in January.

However, travel plans keep on rising (up nine percentage points since the beginning of January). In particular, the percentage of those with intent to travel via airplane has reached a high point.  

New data show that the current tax refund season could be driving this trend among those itching to travel. Those who expect to get a tax refund this year are twice as likely as last year to use it to go on vacation. 

Travel plans have been climbing across all regions of the U.S. since early January, but West Coast residents are especially more likely to have ramped up travel planning (up 15pp).

Economy + Jobs

In the most recent bi-weekly reading, the HPS-CivicScience ESI fell to a 12-month low, with a drop in confidence in finding a new job observed. One major area of concern that persists for many U.S. workers is pandemic-related job interruptions.

A new CivicScience survey shows that ​​thirty-one percent of employed adults have experienced a major job interruption during the pandemic, many needing to leave a job or take on another job due to it.

Those who currently work in retail are much more likely to have experienced a major job interruption during the pandemic.

After experiencing job interruptions amid the pandemic, many retail workers have taken on multiple jobs. 

Check back every week for the latest data on consumer comfort and other industry trends amid the COVID-19 pandemic.