Reported coronavirus cases continue to climb in the United States as a result of the Delta variant’s rapid spread. Unsurprisingly, the percentage of people concerned about being in public spaces is still very high at 70%. 

More than half of U.S. adults are reporting being worried about the Delta variant as of this week. While the percentage of those who are “very concerned” did drop week over week, there’s no promise that extreme concern will continue to decline. 

While recent studies report that the vast majority of confirmed coronavirus cases are among those who are not vaccinated, there have been a small percentage of vaccinated individuals who’ve experienced “breakthrough cases.” CivicScience asked both vaccinated and unvaccinated adults about their concerns over the Delta variant’s spread. ​​The data show that the decrease in extreme concern over the Delta variant is being driven largely by those who are already vaccinated. Overall though, vaccinated adults are more concerned about the variant in general. 

Reading and following news updates may also be impacting concern levels. Adults who say they are not really keeping up with news about the pandemic were also less likely to express extreme concern over the Delta variant this week. 

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