And What Does It Mean for Marketers?

There’s a reason we close a curtain behind us when voting on Election Day – so that our choices can be free from scrutiny, retribution, and other outside influence. But, on social media, not only is that curtain wide open; our opinions are broadcast for the entire world to see.

With almost a decade of near-ubiquitous social media usage behind us, researchers can now begin to understand its lasting impact on our culture, our politics, and our markets. How does the transparency of social media influence what we share and when? Does it affect certain people, viewpoints, and brands more than others? Most importantly, how can we measure, predict, and change these factors when we want to?

On Thursday, June 23rd at 2pm EST, CivicScience CEO John Dick will be presenting groundbreaking research into these previously-hidden dimensions of social media and their profound meaning for marketers. Using the current U.S. political environment as a backdrop, this research highlights how controversial or minority opinions are often muted on social media – not by trending algorithms or curation – but by users’ desire to be accepted, admired, or otherwise left alone. The presentation concludes with a look at how this phenomenon is affecting some of the world’s biggest consumer brands and their emerging competitors.

We hope you will join us for this compelling presentation.

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