This past Monday was Jennifer Lawrence’s birthday, South Korean Independence Day, and possibly more important, the national rollout of Burger King’s Whopperrito – which has already been met with everything from, shall we say, enjoyment, to forecasts of the apocalypse. And we think politics is polarizing?

At least one thing’s for sure – it definitely has people talking.

This burger-burrito combo, which already has its own Twitter – wraps Burger King’s famous Whopper in a flour tortilla. It may not be for the faint of heart, or the vegans like myself, but for many people out there it’s fair game, and may be coming at just the right time.

According to Bloomberg, the recent E. Coli outbreak at Chipotle has produced a serious distrust in its food, illustrated by a 23.6% decrease in store sales last quarter, and their hope to revamp their Board of Directors. In fact, our data at CivicScience suggests that the group of people who don’t like Chipotle has risen by 8 percentage points since last year, maybe for this very reason. With a decline in trust for Chipotle, and an increase in the interest of Tex-Mex food, as reported by Bloomberg, Burger King may be able to swoop in and save the day with this $3 creation.

So, who is most likely to try this beastly burger, and how exactly does it stack up against past menu items?

The (Whopping) Numbers

Whopperrito - visits

As you can see, 7% of people we polled may now be entering Burger King more often because of this new menu item. Not a bad number at all, I would say, and the numbers don’t stop there.

Whopperrito - favorability

Out of those who have tried the Whopperrito so far, more people like it than don’t. Next, and maybe most importantly, 11% of people we asked say they have not yet tried it, but would like to – which is great news for Burger King! Of this group, we found that they are 33% more likely to be men, and their age breakdown is surprisingly similar to the general population. Also, 57% of them like or love spicy food, something that Burger King may want to keep in mind when creating current and future meals in the Tex-Mex market.

Whopperrito vs. Mac n’ Cheetos: The Case of the Century

How do these numbers stack up against another unconventional Burger King menu item – Mac n’ Cheetos?

Whopperrito - Mac n'cheetos

As you can see, there is no significant difference between reactions to the Whopperrito and Mac n’ Cheetos. 5% of people for each menu item say they do not regularly eat at Burger King, but now are more likely to, and 2% already eat there regularly, and will now go more often. This steadiness may suggest a reliable customer base of adventurous people who like to try new and daring food. This group may provide a safety net for Burger King if they want to continue with their experimental menu items. Even if no one else wants to try a new menu item, this group might.

Wrapping Up (Pun Intended)

Given the clear obsession for these unconventional items, this may just be the beginning. In the near future, if not already, we could be seeing tacos on pancakes and pancakes on whoppers, and if I’m lucky, maybe a vegan option or two! Amidst their strong existing customer base, with 49% of people polled saying that they love or like Burger King, and the innovation in food that we’ve seen from them already, who knows what to expect next? Other restaurants may do well to follow this buzz-generating trend, and chase after the food adventurer who doesn’t shy away from new and daring menu items.

You have 4 months to try the Whopperrito – Go!