For the past two months, we’ve asked people if they plan to see the movie Divergent; whether it be on opening weekend, in theaters at some point, at home, or not at all. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the film, so we are sharing 20 of the largest differences between people who plan to see Divergent in theaters vs. the general population:


  • They are 2X as likely to say they are single, never married.
  • Divergent moviegoers are almost 2X more likely to still live with their parents.
  • They are over 2X as likely to be under 30 years old.
  • They are 78% more likely to be women than men.
  • They are 28% more likely to live in a city.


  • Divergent moviegoers are 65% more likely to share entertainment news on social media.
  • They are almost 2X more likely to go to the movies once a month or more.
  • They are 90% more likely to closely follow trends and current events in music.


  • They are 46% more likely to typically order a latte, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha, or other espresso blend at a coffee shop.
  • They are 25% more likely to consider themselves night owls.
  • They are 29% more likely to donate annually to environment/animal non-profit organizations.
  • They are 32% more likely to get their fashion inspiration from TV/movies.
  • The moviegoers are 51% more likely to say fashion trends impact what they wear.

Social Media

  • They are 34% more likely to have a Twitter account.
  • The moviegoers are 11% more likely to say comments/recommendations on social media have the most influence on what they buy, where they eat, or the movies/TV shows they watch.

Technology Usage

  • Divergent moviegoers are 41% more likely to own an e-Reader.
  • People planning to see Divergent in theaters are 14% more likely to tell others about new brands and technology.
  • They are 44% more likely to send or receive text messages every day.
  • People planning to see the movie in theaters are 33% more likely to own a smartphone.
  • People planning to see Divergent in theaters are over 2.5X as likely to use their smartphone the most when browsing the internet (vs. desktop computer, laptop computer, etc.).