There are still two genuine surprises that the all-knowing internet will never be able to take away from us.

First, developing an old disposable camera. Anyone who has ever found an old disposable camera, or even developed a new one, knows how surprising and comical this can be. There’s no telling what’s in store.

Second, when I walk up to that big brick house on All Hallows Eve, what candy will fall into my Jack-O-Lantern inspired bag? Will they give me chocolate? Pretzels? A toothbrush?

This year we found out what the most popular candy will be. It may come as no surprise that chocolate comes in a strong first place.

This Halloween, 51% of people will be giving out chocolate candy

As you can see, 50% of U.S. Adults will be passing out chocolate candy this Halloween. These chocolate-lovers are followed by fun-haters, also known as the 38% of people who won’t be passing anything out. Fun-haters may be harsh, but you get the point.

My inner child delights at the fact that only 1% of people will be giving out healthy snacks. The older me, however, wishes that more people had given me those snacks back in the trick-or-treating days – it might have saved me a cavity or two.

Let’s take a quick look at the two biggest groups – those who will be giving out chocolate candy, and those who won’t be giving out anything at all.

Chocolate Lovers

This group is evenly split between men and women. Over ¼ of them are between the ages of 45 and 54, and 51% live in the suburbs. They are also more likely than the other candy groups to make over $100k annually.

Among other interesting insights, we found that they are more likely to closely follow the MLB, drink beer regularly and be married.

So, for those craving chocolate, be on the lookout for houses with any baseball sign, and big houses as well.

Halloween Just Isn’t for Me

The folks who won’t be giving out any candy this Halloween are more likely to be over 55, and to earn under $50k a year. Regardless, they are more likely to dine most regularly at upscale restaurants.

They are more likely to rent their homes and are more likely to be fans of TV documentaries.

As many sources have noted, there is a strong variation in Halloween candy preferences based on geography. A nation divided some have said. Our results show similar trends.

Among other insights, these folks who will not be giving out candy are more likely to live in the U.S. South, or a rural region, while folks who will be giving out salty snacks (i.e. chips) are more likely to live in the Northeast. Perhaps those in rural regions are less likely to give out candy because they don’t get many many trick-or-treaters.

Trick or Treat

For those of you who want to differentiate yourself from your neighbors, and solidify your place as the best trick-or-treating house, it might be worth it to add some other candies to your chocolate repertoire. Switch it up every once in a while, and maybe throw in some fruity or salty snacks. Perhaps the trick-or-treating ghosts and goblins will appreciate the variety.