For years, at-home DNA testing kits have been offering insight into genealogical history that has provided Americans with a new perspective on their ancestry and family tree. But as we near the half-way mark of 2022, who is currently in the market for a DNA test? 

As it turns out, while 26% of U.S. adults have already used a DNA testing kit at home, 14% plan to do so. Adults under 30 are leading the way with both usage and interest.

In terms of immediate family structure, Americans with siblings and those who currently live in larger households (4+people) are more likely to have both used and intend to use DNA kits.

Meanwhile, grandparents take the lead with usage and those without children or grandchildren take the lead with intention–echoing some of the age demographic data above. 

One of the attractive elements of at-home DNA kits is that they provide insight for individuals who may not have easy access to family records, or even know how their family came to the U.S. As a result, it makes sense that BIPOC communities are the most interested–in terms of usage and intention–when it comes to conducting a DNA test at home. 

Americans Support Using DNA Databases to Solve Crimes 

Of course, DNA isn’t just useful for filling out a family tree or going deeper on one’s heritage. DNA databases used for genetic genealogy have been essential when solving older crimes, a somewhat controversial practice that has been brought to light over the past several years. As the data show, there is broad approval of the practice among U.S. adults (81%).

That said, there is more reservation from those who have never used an at-home DNA testing kit–whether for ethical reasons or a lack of familiarity with the process, that remains to be understood. What’s also notable is those who have already used such a kit are more than twice as likely to disapprove of this practice than intenders.

Clearly, the market for at-home DNA tests is strong. Especially among younger, BIPOC Americans curious about their history, these tests could provide generations-long answers that they’ve been seeking.