Michael Bublé will be serenading his fans at the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh tonight. So in honor of the concert, we decided to look at some interesting facts about Bublé fans. Sure, I bet you could guess that the fans are more likely to be women who enjoy listening to pop music, but did you know they are also 18% more likely to be feeling bullish when it comes to the US stock markets? Check out other fun facts about Michael Bublé fans:

  1. They are 62% more likely than others to be into fashion.
  2. Michael Bublé fans are 69% more likely to say Friends is their favorite sitcom from the 90s.
  3. Bublé lovers are 69% more likely than others to say they prefer Billionaire/Super-Hero, Tony Stark/Iron Man, over Bruce Wayne/Batman.
  4. They are 18% more likely than others to own a video game console.
  5. They are 29% more likely to own one or more cats and dogs.
  6. They are 33% more likely to strongly support the legalization of same-sex marriage in their state.
  7. Bublé fans are 16% more likely to make it a point to purchase organic products.
  8. They are 88% more likely than others to favor the Autism Speaks charity over other health charities.
  9. They are 89% more likely to say they, their spouse, and their kids all wear glasses.
  10. Lastly, they are 96% more likely than others to love or like Usher.