We’re pretty sure the marketing department of Red Bull knows that their high-octane energy drink is a huge hit among the college-aged crowd. Young men in particular love them some Red Bull. They probably also wouldn’t be shocked to know that Red Bull lovers are 147% more likely to have trouble falling asleep at night about 50% of the time. But maybe the Red Bull marketing execs don’t know these interesting tidbits:

  1. Red Bull lovers are 142% more likely than average to follow WWE professional wrestling.
  2. They are 134% more likely to follow professional poker.
  3. They are 131% more likely to love Robert Downey Jr.
  4. They are 106% more likely to post things on Facebook or Twitter to improve their image among their friends.
  5. They are 185% more likely to stand in line on the release day of a new gadget.
  6. They are 66% more likely to be much taller than most people their age and gender.
  7. They are 63% more likely to love eating at Subway.
  8. They are 62% more likely to watch movies by streaming them through their computer.
  9. They are 355% more likely to name Mario Batali as their favorite male Food Network personality.
  10. Last but not least, they are 205% more likely to list Pop/Top 40 as their favorite style of music.