Recently, we profiled those crazy folks who wake up at the crack of dawn to work on their fitness. If you’re like me (AKA a person who prefers sleep over physique), that just ain’t happening.

Apparently, night time isn’t the most popular time to workout. Only 14% of people prefer to exercise around this time of day on weekdays, and only 7% on weekends. The low rate on weekends makes sense, as most people would  rather be with friends than on a treadmill alone. That’s my guess. Regardless, this group holds interesting and unexpected traits that gyms will want to consider in order to build positive relationships with these gym-goers. What opportunities do these night owls present?

1. They’re Millennials. These evening folks are more likely to be 18-34. Given that, it comes as no surprise that….

2. They’re more likely to earn under $50k each year. They’re just starting their careers off. Gyms will want to be selective with what products and offers they extend to these gym-goers, because they’ll be selective with what they’re able to buy.

3. 39% of them drink coffee every day, without fail. It’s hard being young and beautiful, after all. I wouldn’t know…I’m almost 23.

4. When they’re not drinking coffee, they’re drinking beer. Specifically, Craft beer. They’re more likely than other gym-goers to order an artisanal brew when eating at casual restaurants. Can you say hipster?

5. Kashi is their best friend. Roughly ¼ of them say they like food from Kashi, It may not be a bad idea for gyms to offers these fans Kashi bars at the end of a long and arduous day.

6. 59% of these folks have a positive view of Chex Cereal. In fact, they are the group that is least likely to say that they don’t like it. Possible partnership?

7. They’re also more likely to answer that they follow health and fitness trends somewhat closely. Early morning fans take the cake, however, for the group that is most likely to follow health and fitness trends “very closely.”

8. They are more likely than other groups to order take out or dine out twice a week.

9. Despite their love for Kashi, Chex and other healthy food, they don’t always feel great about themselves. 68% of these evening fans consider themselves to be overweight.

10. Last but not least – they’re Toyota fans. 56% of these gym-goers have a favorable view of Toyota Cars.

And there you have it – the sleepers and the Millennials. Though these insights are quirky in nature, they provide many opportunities for gyms and athletic facilities to genuinely connect with these late-night workout fans.