Welcome to another installment of CivicScience’s tracking insights into the most important and current trends in America today, as seen through the lens of different brands each week. CivicScience regularly tracks thousands of brands through the InsightStore™, which gathers over 4 million U.S. survey responses daily. This week, we studied more than a million JCPenney customers to preview our capabilities.

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Here are 3 Things to Know about JCPenney Customers this week:

#1: JCPenney customers are getting a jump start on holiday shopping. Nearly half say they have already started shopping for the holidays, with nearly one in four more than halfway done.   
#2: Half of JCPenney shoppers are somewhat likely to holiday shop at the mall this year. This is significantly higher than Gen Pop and non-fans.
#3: Deals and being able to see and touch products are the main drivers for in-store shopping among JCPenney shoppers. However, the deals are significantly more important among JCP shoppers, while assessing products is much more critical to non-fans.

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Stay tuned for more customer insights next week through the lens of some of the thousands of brands CivicScience tracks all the time. In the meantime, we study tens of thousands of topics like these daily – if you want to know anything about your customers or how to reach them, we have the answer.