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1. More than 2-in-5 Americans are concerned about the possibility of being laid off.

Forty-three percent of employed adults are ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ concerned about their current employment situation — up from 36% in January 2023. This comes at a time when recent CivicScience polling found consumer confidence in the job market to be on the decline as well. Over the last 18 months, employment concern has held steady at about 55% among Gen Z adults but increased among Millennials (+10pp), Gen X (+6pp), and Baby Boomers (+9pp). 

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2. Baby Boomers are putting retirement plans on hold.

New data show that many Americans approaching or already of retirement age plan to keep working at some level of frequency to support themselves. Fifty-three percent of U.S. adults aged 55+ expect they will need to continue working in their retirement years, with 16% saying they will rely primarily on working for their income.

3. Gamers are becoming more likely to play for rewards and low-stress gameplay.

A recent report by Quantic Foundry spotlights how the preferences of gamers have shifted over time. New CivicScience data show that a majority of gamers now favor casual, low-stress gameplay, marking a 2 percentage point increase since 2022. Additionally, interest in games offering rewards has risen by 11 percentage points in recent years. These trends reflect a changing gaming landscape, shaped by a growing desire for more accessible and rewarding gaming experiences, as well as a need to alleviate stress.

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