CivicScience continually tracks current and anticipated consumer trends. Here are three key insights marketers should know this week, including insights from the CivicScience Social | Political | Economic | Cultural (SPEC) Report – a weekly report available to clients. Get in touch to learn more.

1. More than 8 in 10 Americans are following the Israel-Hamas war updates.

Attacks in Israel last Saturday marked one of the most significant and deadly events in the region in decades. As the Israel-Hamas war escalates, 81% of U.S. adults say they’re following news surrounding the war at least ‘somewhat closely,’ with 38% watching ‘very’ closely. This high level of attention carries across age and political affiliations, but older adults and Republicans are much more likely to follow it very closely.

An even greater percentage of U.S. adults express concern about the Israel-Hamas war (87%), with 53% reporting they are ‘very concerned.’ Additional insights on how Americans are responding to the crisis are available in this week’s SPEC report.

2. One in three consumers say they plan to spend less for the holidays this year than they did last year. 

Heightened anxieties around gas prices, inflation, and student loan debt could impact anticipated holiday spending. CivicScience data show 1-in-3 consumers plan to spend less on the holidays this year than they did last year, an increase of six points since August. Gen Z does not appear to be affected nearly as much, however – a majority of Gen Z adults aged 18-24  plan to spend more this holiday season than last holiday season.

3. A majority of Americans say they would change how their body looks if they could.

New CivicScience data show a majority of Americans, regardless of age, say they would change how their body looks if they could. Seventy percent of Gen X desire to change their bodies, while Gen Z adults are more likely than older generations to be happy with how they look, with their higher usage rates for weight loss drugs like Ozempic possibly playing a role.

Despite high levels of dissatisfaction with body image, a vast majority of U.S. adults say they still accept their body, flaws and all. Only Gen Z and Millennial respondents are more likely to agree than disagree that they love their body and how it looks. It’s worth noting, however, that even among body-positive individuals, most admit to frequently critiquing their own physical appearance.

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