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1. More than half of Americans believe Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict will hurt his chances for reelection amid protests.

The Israel-Hamas conflict looms large in the minds of voters as the 2024 presidential election approaches in less than six months. Fifty-five percent of Americans believe President Biden’s handling of the situation will hurt his chances of being reelected. This increases to more than 70% among Republicans but falls to only 24% among Democrats.

Americans are conflicted about the ongoing protests at U.S. universities and colleges. Forty-eight percent of respondents say they strongly disapprove of the pro-Palestine protests, but this sentiment varies based on political affiliation 35% of Democrats are supportive of the protests compared to 21% of Independents and just 7% of Republicans. 

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2. Consumers are leery of Dave Buster’s plan to allow gambling on outcomes of its arcade games.

Dave & Buster’s recently announced plans to implement social wagering in their venues. Customers will be able to use the Dave & Buster’s app to gamble on the outcome of Skee-Ball, Hot Shots, and other arcade games. The company’s plan is not especially popular with U.S. adults, however – only 12% say they support the idea, while 40% oppose it. Millennials are more likely than other age groups to be in favor of the move.

Opposition to gambling at Dave & Buster’s mirrors a broader shift in American attitudes toward wagering. Over five years following the Supreme Court’s ruling paving the way for legal sports betting, a majority (56%) of U.S. adults now believe that the societal costs of legalized gambling outweigh its economic gains.

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3. Clothing and Electronics lead the way as graduation presents among Americans. 

The end of the school year is here or fast approaching which means graduation season. According to CivicScience data, nearly one in three U.S. adults have attended or plan to attend a graduation ceremony for a friend, family member, or themselves this year – and this increases to more than 60% of Gen Z adults.

With graduation comes gift-giving for the newly minted graduates. Among consumers buying a graduation present for themselves or someone they know, clothes (44%), electronics (37%), and jewelry (33%) are the most popular gift ideas. Some presents – home décor and a vacation/trip – are more commonly purchased by Americans in higher-income households ($100K or more). 

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