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Birkenstock – the footwear company known for its iconic clogs and sandals – got lots of eyes on their sandals in the new “Barbie” movie. During the film, Margot Robbie, who stars as Barbie, is faced with the choice of staying in Barbie Land by wearing a plastic, pink heel, or experiencing the real world by choosing a brown Birkenstock – both a key scene and symbol in the film. 

Following the brand’s huge exposure (so far, “Barbie” has grossed $744 million globally), online searches for the brand’s “Arizona” sandals went up 110%, and searches for women’s Birkenstocks went up 346%, according to reports. Perhaps the brand’s recent movie fame will also help boost sales ahead of its newly-announced IPO in September.

So, where does Birkenstock stand today among consumers? According to ongoing CivicScience data collection, nearly a quarter of U.S. adults familiar with the brand are favorable to Birkenstock shoes (24%), and a slightly smaller percentage are unfavorable to them (20%). The remaining percentage (56%) is neutral toward the brand – hinting there’s room to sway consumers in either direction. Further analysis via the InsightStore uncovers unique findings on Birkenstock shoe fans and how they compare to non-fans – here’s a close look: