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The time-honored tradition of the drive-through has been a staple in fast-food culture for over 75 years. In honor of National Drive-Through Day celebrated earlier this week, CivicScience sought to gauge the current popularity of drive-through ordering. The latest data reveal that drive-through ordering continues to reign as the preferred choice among fast-food enthusiasts, with a majority (53%) of fast-food customers opting for this choice. In-store ordering follows at a distant 25% among regular fast-food patrons, while 15% opt for the convenience of website or app orders for pickup. Delivery via apps like DoorDash ranks the lowest at 7%.

Drive-through customers share many similarities with in-store orderers; however, they stand out significantly from individuals who opt for fast-food online or through delivery apps. Here are key insights about people who prefer to order via the drive-through: