Every week, CivicScience is asking thousands of different poll questions – some fun and some serious – about the trends and topics of the day. Here are the most popular questions from the past week. Click on the links below to answer yourselves and see the latest results:

Have you ever laughed at a joke you didn’t understand?

Do you ever delete apps only to reinstall them later?

Do you have any online-only friends?

Would you say you’re good at accepting compliments?

When people complain about being so busy, what do you think?

Do you typically eat a small snack between dinner and bed?

Do you think your parents’ generation had it easier than you do?

Has anyone in your social circle ever named their baby a name you had in mind for your future child?

Would you ever get a matching tattoo with someone?

Do you ever pretend to know a lot about something you know nothing at all about?

Editor’s Note: The results of these questions are often preliminary and do not yet incorporate the scientific rigor of our official or published research. For fully scientific results to these or any of our ongoing research, please contact us.