With Jimmy Kimmel hosting the Emmy Awards this Sunday, we thought we’d share 6 quirky insights that you probably didn’t know. If you already knew these, you’re either clairvoyant or a computer. Maybe both….

1) Let’s start off simple. The strongest correlation we found is that people who love Jimmy Kimmel are more likely to love Will Ferrell. Maybe it has something to do with the dramatic political sketch by Will Ferrell (and let’s not forget Ryan Gosling) on Jimmy’s TV show a few months back.

People who like Jimmy Kimmel are also likely to like Will Ferrell

2) People who love Jimmy Kimmel also love Papa John’s. Likewise, people who dislike Jimmy Kimmel dislike Papa John’s. In other words, Papa John’s Pizza and Jimmy Kimmel are like this (but with more cheese):

Teddy bears hugging

The surprising food correlations don’t stop there.

3) Fans will be eating Campbell’s Soup in bed while watching Jimmy Kimmel host the Emmys. Well – that’s not exactly true. That said, people who love Campbell’s Soup do also happen to love Jimmy Kimmel.

What might these people look like, you ask?

4) Well, young people (especially 18 and under) are more likely to love him, and older people (55+) are more likely to dislike him. This makes sense as his jokes can be somewhat crude – not something I would watch with my Grandma.

5) (TJ) Maxxinistas are more likely to love Jimmy Kimmel. I consider myself a, if not the Maxxinista, but I’m not about to go stalk him or anything, rest assured.

Jimmy Kimmel Fans like TJ Maxx

6) Lastly, Jimmy Kimmel fans are (financial) optimists!

Jimmy Kimmel fans are optimistic and believe their personal finance situation will improve over the next 6 months.

People we asked that have a favorable view of Jimmy Kimmel are more likely to believe the U.S. Economy will improve.

Likewise, the majority of people who believe that the U.S. Economy will decline are the people who dislike Jimmy Kimmel. Does Jimmy Kimmel inspire optimism, or do optimists just love Jimmy Kimmel? I can’t say for sure.

Here’s what I might be able to say: if Jimmy really wants to hit it out of the ballpark on Sunday, he might want to ditch a fancy clothing store, wear a fashionable TJ Maxx outfit instead, while holding Papa John’s in one hand, and Campbell’s Soup in the other. Oh, and a surprise guest appearance by Will Ferrell wouldn’t hurt either.

In the future, these companies may also want to advertise on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, or on programs that he hosts or appears on, to capitalize on this already supportive audience.

You are most certainly welcome for this life-changing information. Share. Post. Let the world be filled with an abundance of (un)necessary Jimmy Kimmel knowledge, and let’s expect great (or at the least, mediocre) things at the Emmys on Sunday!