Before delving into this story, Visa vs. MasterCard barely registered for me. Sure, the networks have slightly different benefits and tiers, but the differences between brands wouldn’t make a significant difference in shopper’s day to day purchases. Except where they may be accepted and the number the accounts begin with, Visa and MasterCard are very similar.

While credit cards themselves may not be so different, the fans of each certainly are. Check out six ways to spot the difference between fans of Visa and MasterCard:
  1. MasterCard fans shop small – Fans of MasterCard are more likely to shop at locally-owned businesses. When it comes to big brands, MasterCard fans like the GAP.
  2. Visa fans get delivery – Visa lovers are more likely to order in food, and eat out most often at upscale restaurants. Both fan groups are less likely to pack lunch for work.
  3. MasterCard fans are digital readers – Those who favor MasterCard are more likely to own an ebook reader. Also, they’re more likely to be fans of the Twilight series than those who have a neutral or unfavorable opinion of MasterCard.
  4. Visa fans Keep up with the Kardashians – Visa fans are more likely to be fans of reality TV, TV news and TV dramas. It comes as no surprise, then, that compared to those with a neutral or negative opinion of Visa, fans of VISA are more likely to like Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York Star Bethenny Frankel.Bethenney
  5. MasterCard fans hug trees – They’re more likely to care about environmental issues and volunteer once a month.

  6. Visa fans don’t always check the price tag – Visa card fans are less likely to be generally price-conscious, especially when shopping for household products, or food. MasterCard fans are more likely to compare prices before buying items.

So there you have it. While the credit cards might not be so different, the people swiping them have particular tastes, favorite and habits.