What do we know about the Gen Z population today? For one, CivicScience data reveal that Gen Z is quickly emerging as a generation concerned about financial health, as well as mental health & wellness. What about physical health? Recent survey results show that the majority of Gen Z adults place a strong precedence on health and fitness activities in general. 

Here are a few additional leading trends looking at how health & fitness ranks among Gen Zers today. 

1. Gen Z is big into exercising.

Forty-eight percent of Gen Z adults exercise several times per week, and an additional near quarter do so several times per month. That’s above average when compared to the general population.

2. Gen Zers are also more likely to hit the gym.

More than 40% are breaking a sweat at gyms at least on a monthly basis, far outweighing the Gen Pop.

Working out at home may be nearly as popular as going to a gym. Close to 40% of Gen Zers own or have access to a home gym or exercise equipment, and 14% are in the market for this kind of gear.

Peloton stationary bikes and other on-demand guided home workout programs became popular over the course of the pandemic when going to a gym was not possible for many. Although the industry is facing challenges today, Gen Z is the key demographic for these companies to consider.

More than a third have tried guided workouts, such as Peloton. While the slice of Gen Zers who tried but dislike the workout programs (22%) is higher than those who tried and like them (15%), favorability as well as intent (17%) is still significantly higher than the Gen Pop.

3. A generation of joggers…

Close to 60% of Gen Z adults say they run or jog for fitness at least once a week. That’s leaps and bounds above the general population (26%). Gen Zers are also the most likely to adopt newer athletic shoe brands, such as Hoka and On Cloud running shoes, as shown in recent studies.

4. Fitness takes many forms for Gen Z.

More than one-third of Gen Zers regularly do weight lifting and strength training, followed by aerobic and cardio exercising. Around one-quarter do yoga and/or pilates.

Outdoor sporting activities such as hiking are also very popular among Gen Zers, as well as playing competitive team sports (which could include college sports). 

5. Many own wearable fitness trackers.

Forty-two percent own a Fitbit or other wearable fitness tracker, although just 18% use the device often. The market for wearable fitness devices is much more favorable among Gen Z, however – nearly 1-in-4 are hoping to purchase one in the future, more than twice that of the Gen Pop.

6. Vitamins and supplements are key.

Nearly two-thirds of Gen Z adults take vitamins or other nutritional supplements on a regular basis (daily or weekly). More than half of these regular takers take them every day.

7. Self-perception skews positive.

When it comes to health, most Gen Zers say they are healthy. As the youngest adults, one would expect this to be the case.

The same goes with outlook on physical attractiveness – more than half feel they are more physically attractive than most others their age and gender.

All in all, Gen Z is a fitness-savvy generation that appears to highly value exercise, working out, outdoor activities, nutritional supplements, and fitness-related tech. Many feel positive about their physical health and self-image, whether that’s just the result of youth or a bent toward prioritizing health and fitness, or both.

Stay tuned for more upcoming Gen Z insights and trends.