The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette started using a CivicScience polling application on their home page in the fall of 2010 as a “pilot” to see whether our crazy story about optimizing user polls actually held any water. Over the next several months, they slowly begain adding new polls on their different section pages, their premium content sites, and even their Facebook page. That data started rolling in and never stopped.

Then, last week, we caught a quick snapshot of cool milestone in this process…The Post-Gazette logged their 1 Millionth unique poll respondent using our polling application. These users have answered over 10 Million questions, the results of which have helped the PG refine their content strategy, inform advertisers about key consumer trends, and even earn new revenue from the reports they generate from that data. For a site that reaches just over 3 million monthly uniques, cataloging 1MM poll respondents is a great feat.

Here’s to the next million. Congratulations Post-Gazette!