The first big internet trend of 2022 is officially upon us, and its name is Wordle. 

Maybe you’ve seen Wordle’s little green, yellow, and gray boxes on your social media feeds or in your group text threads. Essentially, Wordle is a once-a-day word guessing game, and the boxes that people share show how many guesses it took them to get that day’s five-letter word. 

About 1 in 10 U.S. adults have tried the wholesome game so far, and 7% more say they intend to try it. There’s a ton of room for that number to grow, too – about two-thirds of the country hasn’t even heard of it yet. But Wordle apparently isn’t for everyone, since most people who’ve tried it actually said they didn’t like it.

So who’s playing Wordle? Young women seem to be the main driver of this trend. A whopping 2 out of 3 Wordle players are women. And most who like it are under the age of 35. Almost all (93%) are under 55.

Those who’ve played Wordle or are interested in playing it also massively over-index as people who became pet owners during the pandemic.

CivicScience data show that Wordle players are also more diverse and more likely to live in cities than other Americans. 

Some other fast facts about Wordle fans from the CivicScience database:

  • They’re more likely than others to use augmented reality (AR) devices.
  • They’re more likely than others to use electric scooter-sharing services.
  • They’re more likely than others to be vegetarian or vegan.