According to ongoing CivicScience tracking data, just over half of consumers (51%) intend to buy clothing, apparel, and jewelry as holiday gifts this year, narrowly trailing gift cards (53%) as the leading gifts of choice. Two major retail brands poised to benefit from these plans as holiday shopping ramps up with Black Friday just days away: American Eagle Outfitters and Express. The latest data show 28% of U.S. adults like to shop at American Eagle, four percentage points higher than those shopping at Express. As holiday shopping shifts into the forefront, CivicScience’s InsightStore™ offers an in-depth look at how shoppers for each store stack up against one another.

For one, the rise of Ozempic and other GLP-1 weight loss drugs is poised to extend well beyond seasonal holiday shopping trends for numerous retailers. Though Express shoppers are 12 percentage points more likely than American Eagle fans to have tried weight loss drugs like Ozempic, both represent a significant portion of their customer base (49% to 37% respectively). Additionally, a further 18% of both groups intend to try them. Want to stay ahead of consumer trends as a result of the proliferation of weight loss drugs? Click to learn more about the new CivicScience Ozempic and GLP-1 Consumer Tracker.

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How else do American Eagle shoppers differ (or relate) to their Express-loyal counterparts? Here are five key consumer insights about American Eagle and Express customers as holiday shopping enters its final stretch:

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