According to a recent CivicScience survey, 38% of Americans 18 and older say they value their time more than their money. Despite the financial hardships resulting from the global pandemic, 27% of Americans said they value their time even more than their money now.

Workers valuing time more than money is apparent among people who reported an impact on their job during the pandemic. Service industry workers, younger Americans, and those working remotely are all groups that were significantly impacted by the pandemic. The changes they faced may in fact be the reason they now value their time so much more than before, despite financial challenges.

During the challenges of 2021, many workers reported declining job satisfaction. The data show that the less happy someone is in their job, the more likely they are to want something to change; however, even a large portion of those who are happiest in their jobs would rather make less money to have more time off from work.

If the job satisfaction trend continues, many employed Americans will likely demand changes in their PTO or pursue opportunities that better fit their desire for more free time.