From uncovering insights about the latest political underpinnings in the U.S. to the fascinating development of self-driving cars, we uncover hundreds of insights about people, markets, and trends every day. We do this through our unique and proven approach to polling.

This month, we launched #AskCivicScience – an opportunity for you to take advantage of this game-changing technology. No, it doesn’t cost a penny. Zilch. Ask us your questions at, and we’ll provide you with reliable and fast insights that will help you better understand your consumers, or just help you delve into a question you’ve been itching to find answers to.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1:

Go to, and ask your question. Any question – go ahead! You’ll notice that on the bottom of the page, you can see past insights that we’ve discovered. If you’d like to see even more, come back to our blog anytime. 

Step 2:

You’ll be brought to the next-to-last page where we ask for some more information. All of the information is optional, but will help us understand how to best pose your question to thousands of others for the most useful results. On the last page, you can fill in your email so we can send you the results.

And You’re Done!

Wasn’t that easy? We’ll get back to you about your results once they’re ready. So if you haven’t yet, head over to to ask any and all of your unanswered questions.

To find out more about our methodology, and how we provide timely, unique and reliable answers to the questions everyone wants to know, head over to our homepage.