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Standing out among the thousands of beauty brands is hard today. The record-breaking growth and profitability of Milani Cosmetics has recently thrust the brand into the spotlight, making it one to keep an eye on. The brand experienced nine consecutive quarters of growth after navigating the uncertainties of the pandemic, emerging as a strong competitor in the post-pandemic era, even as overall makeup wearing is down.

Given Milani’s recent growth, CivicScience took a closer look at the brand’s customers with our database of over 500K crossable questions. Here’s a glimpse of the insights available:

Milani Has Growth Potential Among U.S. Hispanic Women

In general, CivicScience data show that 39% of U.S. women are favorable to Milani Cosmetics (among those familiar with the brand). This figure jumps 10 percentage points among U.S. Hispanic women (49%), reflecting Milani’s focus on inclusive products and marketing. 

Beyond brand favorability, Milani has successfully captured a significant audience among U.S. Hispanic women shoppers, outperforming some competitor brands. One-quarter of U.S. Hispanic women have purchased from Milani in the past six months, compared to 22% for competitors Urban Decay and NARS. However, NYX Professional Makeup and legacy brand Maybelline hold a larger share of this demographic.

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Milani appears well-positioned to grow its market share among U.S. Hispanic women. CivicScience data tracking of how beauty shoppers prioritize brand versus price shows that the importance of ‘brand’ has steadily increased since 2016 among U.S. Hispanic women, though it saw a slight decline in 2024. On the other hand, the percentage of consumers who prioritize ‘price’ has also risen, nearly matching those who prioritize ‘brand.’ This suggests that Milani, which promises high-quality cosmetics at affordable prices, is in a good position for growth among U.S. Hispanic women consumers, who are very brand-conscious but still value price.

Milani Could Win Big With Olympics Campaign

Milani announced its “Face Set. Mind Set.” campaign this month with U.S. Olympic female athletes to promote its setting spray, and the partnership looks promising, according to CivicScience data. Nearly one-quarter of Milani women customers plan to follow the Paris Olympics ‘very closely’ – outpacing all other beauty brands studied – and another 40% intend to watch the games ‘somewhat closely.’

Partnering with female athletes could be a strong move beyond the Olympic games, as additional CivicScience data show that more than half of their customer base follows the WNBA and NWSL at least ‘a little closely.’  

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Overall, Milani’s future looks promising. The cosmetic company has already established a strong foothold among U.S. Hispanic women, positioning itself well for future growth as this demographic strongly values brand but still pays attention to price. Moreover, the brand’s campaign with U.S. women’s Olympic sports resonates deeply with their consumer base, making Milani a brand to watch. 

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