The clothing and shapewear brand SKIMS has quickly become one of the most popular brands among Gen Z and Millennials. Co-founded by Kim Kardashian, SKIMS focuses on inclusive sizing and body positivity, which has garnered the attention of young consumers. SKIMS largely taps into the power of social media and influencer marketing to promote their new lines, which has resulted in over 11 million joining SKIMS waitlists this year. They’re also on track to reach $750 million in sales and are currently valued at $4 billion. 

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Due to the brand’s early growth and success, CivicScience took a deeper dive into SKIMS customer demographic, including overall favorability and awareness and what sets them apart from other consumers: 

1. Gen Z is a key stakeholder for SKIMS.

According to a new CivicScience poll, SKIMS brand awareness is highest among younger consumers – particularly Millennials – and Gen Z is the most likely to be favorable overall (47%). Gen Z looks especially promising, though, given only 3% of them are unfavorable to the brand, and 37% have yet to be reached by their marketing efforts. Conversely, adults 55+ are the least interested and familiar with the brand, which is also the generation less likely to be on TikTok and Instagram, where SKIMS products are often advertised. 

Additional CivicScience data show that SKIMS fans skew toward those with an annual household income of less than $50,000 – which is likely due to its younger audience – and also women. However, the brand has expanded into a menswear collection, which could generate more interest among men down the line.

2. SKIMS’ partnership with the NBA and WNBA could set the framework for more fashion brands and sports collaborations.

SKIMS announced a multi-year partnership with the NBA and WNBA at the end of Q3, making them the official underwear partner of major league basketball. The partnership comes with increased exposure at games with on-court signage, social/digital advertisements, and potentially co-branded apparel. Reports predict this partnership will be highly successful because of the overlap in values and the major leagues’ reach.

According to CivicScience data, looking specifically at their younger audience base of adults aged 18 to 34 years old, 64% of NBA fans and WNBA fans are favorable to SKIMS. Just 5% are unfavorable, and 15%-17% of both fans could be introduced to SKIMS via the NBA/WNBA.

Compared to other major league sports, NBA and WNBA rank toward the top in overall favorability toward SKIMS; however, a significant 66% of major league soccer fans are also fans of SKIMS, outpacing brand favorability among other major league sports fans. 

Perhaps we’ll see more and more fashion brands tap into sports partnerships. For instance, Lululemon – which recently released a shapewear line – has also partnered with NFL sports stars, professional tennis players, and F1 drivers.

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5 More Quick Insights

The CivicScience InsightStore™ consisting of over 500K questions, uncovers unique and unexpected insights of brand consumers. Here’s who’s most likely to be a SKIMS customer: 

  • Home and interior decorating fans: About 2-in-5 SKIMS customers say they follow trends in home and interior decorating ‘very closely,’ compared to the Gen Pop average of 9%.
  • Avid upscale restaurant diners: About 60% say they eat at upscale restaurants at least a few times a month. 
  • Ozempic users: 50% of SKIMS customers report they have experience taking Ozempic, and an additional 27% haven’t but intend to (learn about CivicScience’s ongoing Ozempic tracking here).
  • Whole Foods shoppers: About half shop at Whole Foods more than once a month.
  • In-Store Holiday Shoppers: Among those holiday shopping, over 60% are doing less than half of their shopping online this year – possibly a positive sign for SKIMS because they plan to open physical stores in 2024.

Aside from the brand’s early success, SKIMS is clearly a brand to watch. With their strategic marketing decision, they have significant potential to drive interest among Gen Z, sports fans, and those willing to spend more money (given their interest in dining at upscale restaurants and shopping for groceries at Whole Foods). 

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