The Gist: More people than you may imagine say putting ice in their wine is a “Do”.

It’s rosé and white wine season, at least for me. This got me thinking—Do or don’t: ice cubes in wine?

Wine snobs may scoff at the very notion of putting ice in wine, but it appears, when weighing this question by adults, 18 percent of people say it’s a do. That’s higher than I imagined. Let’s do a quick profile of them.

What’s interesting to me, is this is not generational:

All age groups do this or are ok with it, with Gen Xers slightly up, Millennials second. My gut was Millennials would not be ok with this ice cube move, but the data proved me wrong.

Surprised or not, women are more likely to do this:

We also found people who answered “Do” are more likely to live in the US Northeast:

Lastly, let’s compare this to frequency of drinking wine:

This tells us that people who think ice cubes in wine are a “Do” don’t drink wine and are less likely to drink wine multiple times per week than people who “Don’t” chill their wine with cubes. It could be that the more frequent wine drinker, specifically the twice a week or more segment, is more seasoned in wine and don’t want to water it down. But, who knows?

We’ll keep you up to date with these light-hearted, yet burning questions, as much as we can.