We saw many jumps in our adoption trends this quarter that were consistent with patterns observed in 2Q2021, but with the addition of data they are amplified in 3Q2021. 

  • Awareness of Mesh WIFI and Smart Home systems continues to increase, but ownership of both Mesh WIFI Systems and Smart Home had the most noticeable jumps in 3Q2021.
  • Digital Engagement products have soared in popularity with intent and ownership of virtual and augmented reality items having noticeable jumps since 1Q2021, as these become more commonplace in the market, they are likely to continue to rise in their popularity.
  • While Cryptocurrency awareness has declined slightly, the intent and usage continue to climb steadily, but the large jump of intent and usage of Financial Info Aggregators since 1Q2021 (quadrupled and almost tripled, respectively) is the fastest growing finance product trend.
  • Of all the Health & Wellness trends, Mindful Meditation Apps is the only trend that has continued an upward trajectory in all areas (aside from a slight dip in awareness at the end of 2019) since 2Q20219.
  • Oat milk continues to dominate the Food & Beverage category with awareness and usage continuing to climb and increasing since 2Q2019 (slight drop in awareness in 4Q2020 but rebounded well in the following quarter).
  • Like our Digital Engagement category, Augmented Reality products used when shopping have more than doubled in usage since the end of 2020, with many still becoming aware of the products, which will likely continue to grow in usage. 
  • 5G adoption has almost doubled in the last year, and Smartwatches usage and intent has had steady growth since 1Q2021.
  • Usage for Online Learning Services has continued to climb since 1Q2021, which could be due to the Great Resignation and many looking to improve skills for new jobs and careers.