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Top Insights From 2016: Let the Countdown Begin!

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2016 was a crazy year! Throughout the insanity, we uncovered tons of fascinating trends and insights. Some will make you laugh out loud, and others will bring back some nostalgic memories. At least, you’ll learn a thing or two. Check out the top 50 insights from 2016.

Volume 1: If dogs wore pants, device addiction, Summer Olympics star, and more


Volume 2: Why people don’t try yoga, student loan debt, Friendsgiving and marijuana, and more


Volume 3: Gossip, the Kardashians, beer, and more


Volume 4: Trust in the news, when was America great, Whole Food’s fans, and more


Volume 5: Donald Trump, e-cigarettes, getting out of parking tickets, and more

Which insights were your favorite? Let us know by 
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